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Access to World-Class Real Estate

Real estate is a unique investment product by nature. This asset class offers nearly unparalleled tax benefits, the comfort of tangibility and the opportunity for positive cashflow. For many, the… more

Decisions, Decisions

When it comes to being successful in your chosen career path or business venture it is always important to understand that there are levels to achieving your goals. There is… more

Hard Money Isn’t Cheap

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to finance a home loan or a commercial real estate development, everyone wants to pay the lowest rate possible on borrowed money. It’s… more

Presidents’ Circle

One of Think Realty’s Women to Watch this year, Arianne Lemire is proving she is worth watching in the real estate investment industry. In our March issue, she shared her… more
Investing Strategies

Presidents’ Circle

CEO of Bull Funding, Kemra Norsworthy, has been in the real estate lending industry since 2003. For the most part, she has remained on the lending side of REI but… more