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Realty Matters: Risk Management

When talking to prospective clients for my property management business, I always say, “rental property management is really about Risk Management.” I often tell the story of a client, who… more
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In the Ring of Investment Protection

How hard can it be?” a prospective client for my former property management business asked. “Well, it really depends on…” I started. Before I completed my sentence, he couldn’t help… more
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Realty Matters: Evictions

Rental housing providers have all experienced (or will eventually) the unfortunate predicament of having to evict a renter. Those unfortunate events are complex and costly, with $48 billion in losses… more

Realty Matters: Technology

How many times have you heard about the latest technology or new company “disrupting” an industry? The real estate industry hasn’t seen any significantly disruptive innovation; the edges of existing… more

Realty Matters: FAIR Housing

The psychology of word association is fascinating and powerful. In the following sentences, fill in the blank with the first word that comes to your mind: ________ is where the… more