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Your Property, Tenants and Drugs

This excerpt is part of the article “Don’t Let Drugs Cook Your Investment Property” by BreAnn Stephenson of Affinity Loss Prevention Services. It can be found in the December 2017… more
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Real Estate Resolutions

This time of year, talk about making resolutions is everywhere—in conversations, on blogs and splashed across every form of news outlet. Now, what do New Year’s resolutions have to do… more
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Seasonal Safety

I have a cornucopia of memories of holiday family gatherings. Many begin with me standing on the thawed porch near twilight at my aunt’s and uncle’s house. Their gift for… more
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Sizzle Without the Burn

School’s out now, and one of the best parts of summer, I think, are the cookouts. Some of the best memories I have with friends and family have come from… more