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Andrew Waite

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Andrew Waite, founding publisher of Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, has been developing and selling investor software with Nitro Mobile Solutions since 2010. He has now joined Nitro to head enterprise sales to investment companies and investors. Contact him at

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SFR Trek: The Next Generation

As Residential Real Estate Investing Continues Its March Toward Mainstream Acceptance and Maturation, Can ‘Investment As A Service’ Be Far Behind? Software as a Service, or SaaS, is the term… more

A Demand Spike Before the Pause?

A DEMAND SPIKE BEFORE THE PAUSE? Rising interest rates, while not yet a drag on housing sales because cash purchases exceed 50% of total Single Family Residential unit sales, have… more

Market Red Flag

Color of money It is very easy to make generalizations about markets and trends, and for a top-level snapshot analysis this may be quite acceptable. Such is the case with… more