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A Five-Year Plan for Investing Success

You’ve decided that real estate investing is for you, but there’s one problem. You need some startup capital. Here’s a tough truth about this business: unless your family has left… more
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Money Matters for Millennials

Millennials, your late 20s and early 30s are a key time to get your financial plans in order. Thanks to compound interest, the sooner you pay off student loans or… more
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4 Tips On How To Pick The Right Tenant

The screening process can be long and tedious at times, but it pays dividends to have the right tenant in place. Having a tenant who causes problems can be a… more
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Position Your Deal for Best Exit

  And we’ve made it! This is the last installment of our special multi-part video mini-series sharing the steps that will help you dominate your deals. To recap, previously we… more
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5 Options for Evaluating a Flip

In this latest installment in our multi-part “Getting Started” mini-series I’m going to give you 5 options for evaluating a flip. This episode is all about how we evaluate flips… more
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Three Sources of Amazing Deals

In this second of our multi-part “Getting Started” mini-series, we are talking about how to find deals. In a highly competitive market like Atlanta, how are we finding the best… more
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From Eyesore to Awesome—Times Two

In Episode 27 of my video series Real Estate Deal Talk, I’m going to take you through a project in super-hot Kirkwood in Atlanta. We’re going to look at a… more