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Abhi Golhar

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Abhi Golhar is the Host of Real Estate Deal Talk and Managing Partner of Summit & Crowne. Abhi uses a “value-added” approach to invest in real estate renovation, new construction and development opportunities in the Southeast United States. He actively educates and works with investors to deploy market-driven strategies that yield success. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan. You can find him on TwitterSnapchat, and Instagram - @AbhiGolhar.

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5 Options for Evaluating a Flip

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Insight Investing Strategies

Three Sources of Amazing Deals

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Bigger Mistakes to Avoid

When you are beginning your real estate investing career, it is extremely important that you not rush through the process of purchasing a property. Unfortunately, all too often as I… more
Insight Investing Strategies

From Eyesore to Awesome—Times Two

In Episode 27 of my video series Real Estate Deal Talk, I’m going to take you through a project in super-hot Kirkwood in Atlanta. We’re going to look at a… more
Insight Investing Strategies

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The global real estate market is built on a web of complexity that determines prices and hierarchical relationships of supply and demand. The activity of low-volume transactions, even at the… more